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e-liquid nicotine

There are many things that need to be adhered to, when a person is addicted to something and is trying to leave it, at the same time. Such as the health of the person who is showing withdrawal symptoms, and the mental state of the person too. It is very important for the person to be engaged in something that will make him or her forget about the need. Nicotine taken in any form is highly addictive.

Nicotine once taken starts to act quickly and gets the person addicted to it, very quickly. The quitting however is not so easy or fast. This particular drug has very bad withdrawal symptoms, symptoms that do not allow a person to work normally without it. As working professionals are more likely to get addicted to it, they need some dosage of nicotine even in the quitting process to maintain a stable mental state.

The addiction’s grave lifestyle withdrawal symptoms:

  • Loss of concentration
  • Lack of ability to think clearly
  • Severe headache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Stomach pain and constipation
  • Irritable at all times
  • Feeling hungry often
Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette - One of TOMI's prefered brands

Vapor Couture Electronic Cigarette – One of TOMI’s prefered brands

 What to do about it, and the best way to control them?

Self control is the best way to quit, but the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are too disturbing. One can take a sabbatical and try and cope with it, but it is a useless pursuit. Not only if you are willing to quit, you need to quit, sometimes even medical conditions force people to quit the habit. Now, people who have been advised by doctors, to quit smoking strictly as in the case of heart problem or any cerebral problem should pay heed to their advice. It should be noted that e-cigarettes is the best option for those persons. Specifically because e cigarettes, are the only quitting tool, that are close to the real deal. It doesn’t let your brain know, that you are quitting. The dosage of nicotine may remain the same. The amount of smoke and carcinogens will reduce, in turn making the person gradually regain the lost vitality, bit by bit.

 E-cigarettes are considered safe, and have been proved to be effective by the many smokers who have successfully quit the habit. The other tools of quitting the habit is by having nicotine candy, though it gives you your regular dose of candy, it doesn’t give you the psychological satisfaction of holding a cigarette. Nicotine patch is a round band-aid type patch that sticks to your arm, pricks your skin and continues to secrete small doses of nicotine into the blood stream time and again.

Vapor Couture ECIG Brand

What Do You Need To Know About E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes do not necessarily represent just a new trend, but an actual necessity for the modern society. They introduce themselves as the ideal solution to conventional smoking, which is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The new alternative health gadget works with liquid nicotine, which is the one and only substance responsible for your smoking hunger. Basically, it represents the addictive substance. Although the nicotine addiction is not necessarily something to brag about, it is worth knowing that electronic cigarettes get to skip all the four thousand chemicals found in conventional tobacco. Practically, the cancer risks from this point of view are reduced to zero. But what else should you know about e-cigarettes? Who are these gadgets mostly recommended to?

Your actual reason to smoke
Some people smoke because they feel cool, even if they actually experience nausea and vomit sensations after a few inhalations. This is how everyone has begun this venture. Sooner or later, the nicotine addiction steps in and keeps aggravating with every new cigarette. It is only a matter of time until you grow up and realize how hard it is to quit smoking now. You remember those times when all those elders advised you to stop smoking while you still could, yet you never listened.

Today, you can only realize that they were right. These days, you no longer smoke because it is cool. You can actually realize how people used to see you, only when you see those so called young adults flipping their cigarettes in the air. You know it is not even worth telling them to stop now, especially as a stranger. These days, the nicotine addiction is your actual reason wherefore you cannot stop this unpleasant habit. Unfortunately, the nicotine comes with four thousand harmful chemicals as well, while most of them can lead to severe or fatal cases of cancer and cardiovascular affections. On a good side, the electronic cigarette comes to provide nothing but the required nicotine in multiple different strengths, but without actually promoting other chemicals.

How old are you?
The age plays a very important role in every smoker’s life. It is said that some people can smoke forever without having a single problem, just like many others end up with cancer within the first five years. There is a little truth in this statement, but there are more important factors that can define this possibility. If you smoke since you were a teenager and your lungs were still in a growing stage, there is a big change for the growing stage to be seriously affected by the tar deposits. On the other hand, if you began smoking in your mid-20’s, you could at least count on a set of fully developed lungs. All in all, the harmful chemicals in conventional tobacco represent the main problem and not really the nicotine addiction. Therefore, using an electronic cigarette implies the beginning of a comprehensive recovery process for your lungs. It might take five, ten or twenty years, but the good news is that you can keep smoking while your lungs are actually healing.

How much do you smoke everyday?
The number of conventional sticks dictates the power of your electronic cigarette. Basically, an avid smoker will have to invest in a qualitative e cig with a high battery lifespan. There is just no other way (according to the folks at to make sure that the battery will support your personal necessities. On the other hand, an occasional smoker does not need such an expensive or sophisticated item. All in all, the battery lifespan is one of the main impediments in the buying process.

Other than that, if you are concerned about brand, model, materials and design, deciding on these things asks for a very detailed research study.

How does it feel to smoke an electronic cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes feel and taste like regular cigarettes or even better, since you got dozens of flavors to choose for the liquid nicotine. The throat hit is impressive, but it also depends on the power of your atomizer. The thick vapors are gathered together and look just like real smoke. If the e cig was lighter as well, the process was almost identical, but with some obvious positive differences.